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How much effort are you putting into life?

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Oh wow another Crohns... man there are quite a few of us on here. Sounds like the surgery was a good thing? Hell of a good effort dude. I think that would actually be the best possible feeling, bouncing back and completing some sort of physical test.
    Yeah there seems to be a few for sure. Yeah surgery had a lot better outcome than I ever imagined. I had put it off for about 15 years partly on my doctor's advice and partly from fear I guess. The surgeon who did the operation actually invented the technique that a lot of the world uses for repairing the colon. It's called Kono-S Anastomosis. That also influenced my choice on getting an operation.

    Yeah it was super emotional to complete it. My first 5k race about 6 years ago was a huge challenge and I thought 100k was impossible. (I thought a full marathon was impossible)

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    bradc wrote:
    Go do something of value for someone else.
    what does this mean lol

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    Dunno. I just heard that other people are a thing.

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    Gesellschaft wrote:
    i have a decent shot at getting into an oxbridge doctoral programme and would be fully funded at most non-elite universities, but instead i'm spending my time day drinking while watching peep show on the sickness benefit, and am too burnt out to get out of bed most days
    Get into a cambridge one and I'll rent you a shed to make your beats in