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    LG TV too dark too watch

    Hi. Our 60inch LG has suddenly become very dark. Same symptoms on all image and pictures settings. It's like the upper and lower backlights have failed. It's 12 months old.

    60UJ634V for reference.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Warranty time.

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    can you post a few photos?

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    Back light dead/ dying. Warranty time

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Based on these terrible photos, you can at least see the issue. The middle quadrant area is brighter.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Its usually the capacitors that die on these but honestly not worth the repair unless you can do it yourself.

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    yea your backlight is dying. Funnily enough, on decent brands its unlikely to be cap related. Some of the LG LED arrays aren't great. There are a number of models where they have provided part numbers to replace the LED array. I checked their service site, your isn't one of them. Contact the retailer, get a email copy of the DOP, then ring LG customer care and request someone look at it and consider it for warranty repair. Yes the retailer could do this, but its generally quicker if you just do it yourself.

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    I had a 5.5yr old samsung fully refunded by them for a manufacture defect. So even if your a tad out of warranty you shouldnt have any issues.

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    I think that based on previous DT cases, TV’s should have an expected lifespan of 10 years.

    Definitely warranty time!

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    The retailer has made contact and LG are going to repair. The retailer was acting shit initially, said nothing and then last thing on Friday afternoon they rang up panicking for those photos.

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    LG called 3 times now from Australia, during work hours which normally won't have been a problem except, A.English not first language, B.Caught me extremely bad times and couldn't actually communicate with them. And C.TV has since DOA. FML.

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    There is one panel for your model in NZ, 2 in Aus. Can only assume they're wanting to let you know they're going to cover the repair. If there were no panels in stock, they might be offering a replacement. Either that or their inventory list is wrong and they have no stock, which they then might also offer replacement. Thats happened to me once. Stock list said one panel in stock, but after ordering it, later advised it couldn't be supplied. Cust got a replacement.

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    What's a inventory spare 60" panel worth and freight to the South Island... They're also trying to gather case data for CGA claims by the look of it.

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    Case data for a 12 month old TV claim?

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    No, future CGA obligations.

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    We have an old LG TV that had a moth get inside it and end up between the actual panel and the outer shell, right in the middle of the screen. LG said “Not a warranty issue; TV still works”. I raged, stating that it was the shit design of the TV that allowed the moth to get in, and it should have been engineered better considering that moths are drawn to bright light. They ended up agreeing and “repaired” it for free.

    Good that Snaffta is having a mostly hassle free experience so far (touch wood!).

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    snaffta wrote:
    What's a inventory spare 60" panel worth and freight to the South Island... They're also trying to gather case data for CGA claims by the look of it.
    I wouldn't have a clue what the freight costs are, those aren't factored in when we order spare parts. I assume Fliways either charge an annual fee for deliveries or charge on a case by case basis. Big stuff goes on Fliways, smaller stuff is NZ Couriers I think. I wouldn't wanna say what the price is on a public forum but could safely say it would cost over a grand.

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    Repair agent has taken TV, given me a loaner and LG have agreed to repairs (citing specifically that even though the warranty was only 1 year that it would be covered under their responsibilities to the GCA).

    Fingers crossed somebody is doing the math correctly and works out, panel+repair+freight=more than it's worth.

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    If your TV is only just out of warranty by a few weeks, the repair price would be irrelevant. They'd only really be calculating costs if it were much older. All manufacturers have a grace period. So when the warranty period technically ends, e.g TV warranty expires tomorrow, they'd still cover repairs for at least another month(ish) without requiring any special authorisation. Although I still tend to run it by X companies service manager before going full steam ahead.

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    LG have agreed to replacement, with similar but not identical model. Spec difference is the back light design, funnily enough.

    Back lit (currently) vs edge lit. I compared these two when I bought the back lit, specifically for the back lit not the edge lit. What happens if I reject the the replacement offer? I'd rather the cash out towards something better. They're claiming it's the upgraded model, clearly it isn't.

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    What model have they offered you?

    You are entitled to the same model or equivalent (or a refund of the purchase price) - I think you can make a reasonable argument if you specifically bought it because it wasn't edge lit.

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    I had an LG edge lit LCD TV once. Was horribly noticeable.

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    Looks like I’ve made my decision then.

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    Spoke again today and rejected the replacement on basis of not equivilent. Looks like they'll offer store credit. Hoping for full refund.