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    Who do you buy from?

    I see bad feedback on Supero and Mobile station who are always cheapest by a large margin on pricespy. So who does everyone trust?

    In the market for a new phone maybe a Oneplus6 or the new nokia 8.1.

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    Spark. Goes on my plan.

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    Goldway on Aliexpress.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    Goldway on Aliexpress.
    They used to be on par with the likes or gearbest or honnorbuy but seems they're cheaper by a decent margin these days.
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    Even though more expensive i get Noel Leeming to price match whatever nz retailer is cheapest and buy supercover. As many times as u have had CGA claims successful i have been lucky using supercover.
    S2 got upgraded to s3 within first few months which i am sure would have happened under samsung 2yr anyway. But was hassle free. Then after a few years s3 got sent back under supercover and it cost too much to fix they offered s5 mini. I declined as smaller screen so they fully refunded me and i got s5 onsale for no extra. S5 in for battery screen and camera at the moment well outside 2yr warranty (4yrs old i think)
    So even though it costs me little extra i dont drop phones and break them and i dont upgrade lots its worked out well for me.

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    Don't get me wrong I love online shopping but sometimes it would be nice to actually physically examine something before buying it...

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    Expert Infotech. Have always looked after me.

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    word of warning about supero (not sure about mobile station), but the reason why they are "cheaper" is because it is dropshipped in from overseas. Last time I purchased something, the item was imported under your name significantly undervalued to escape from GST

    Their warranty policies probably leave a lot to be desired if they are willing to pull stunts like that. When they first set themselves up in NZ, you actually needed to put a deposit when you sent your phone back for warranty repairs so that they could take it if they deemed the warranty work to be out of warranty i.e water damage.

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    I usually put it on my plan and pay it off through whoever network I'm with. My latest purchase was from Noels on a 2Degrees MRO as they had the best pre-order goodies.

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    AliExpress for the last decade or so. No drama yet.

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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    Goldway on Aliexpress.
    Good experiences also.

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    With mobiles there is so much that can go wrong I prefer to stick with the main retailers...

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    Just PBtech right now. They're OK.

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    brand wrote:
    With mobiles there is so much that can go wrong I prefer to stick with the main retailers...
    me too.