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    Mr Popo vs Bubbles. Let some weak characters get some shine lol.

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    Frieza and Beerus!
    There's a shock in Frieza when he finds that Goku has fought Beerus. I could imagine Frieza trying to balance out that equation to prove he's just as good as any dirty monkey

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    I think it'd be cool if Radditz came back and fought Goku 1 on 1. If he was able to train.
    I wanna see his potential, he is Gokus brother

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    Goku vs Beerus

    Time to see what he can do with ultra instinct and get some revenge
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    Broly vs Jiren

    Now that would be legit.

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    Hell yes. Huge dbz fan here, krillin vs roshi

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    Yamcha vs Mr Satan. About time Yamcha got some respeck on his name lol

    A catfight between Bulma & Chi chi would be cool too lol

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    Cell vs. Bulma - Teach her for having has silly coloured hair once and for all.

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    Puar vs Oolong would be an interesting matchup lol

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    Chi Chi (from Dragon Ball when she was young) verses Master Roshi for being a dirty old perv.

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    Uub & Goku, because I prefer GT.

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    Whis vs Beerus.
    As Beerus's trainer and guardian id be expecting Whis to be more than a match for the god. Maybe a origins movie showing how Whis landed his current job.

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    Goku vs Gohan.

    I want fully 'retrained' Gohan to kick Goku's (and then Vegeta's) ass, making them realise they've been so obsessed with getting stronger and train fighting with just each other that they forget there's now another adult Saiyan in their world that could probably help them all get even stronger even quicker!

    Obviously it wouldn't be a FATE OF THE WORLD blah blah fight, but it would be cool to see Goku not know about Gohan's new 'There are people I love that I need to protect.' determination and mid fight go oh shit he's serious... this might be fun.

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    Future Trunks and Vegeta in Saiyan Saga

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    I know it is obvious, but I really want to see Vegeta vs Goku.
    We have not had a proper fight between them in a long time. I want to see how it would play out.

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    If we're allowed different timelines, I'd like to see a Kid Goku, Kid Gohan and Gotens 3 way battle.

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    Yajirobe vs a donut.

    (I'm not entering btw)

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    Yajirobe vs fat Buu fighting over a bucket of KFC lol

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    ^ Even better

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    kami vs Piccolo just for some namek action

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    i dunno the series outside of casual DB FighterZ matches but ok.

    Trunks vs Goku Black. Why? coz they're my 2 mains from DBfZ.

    somebody more deserving should probably win but this prize looks dope. and the dvds would aware me on the series at long last!

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    A Vegeta and Goku travel back in time and then

    Vegito vs Gogeta.

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    Would be cool seeing a grown up Goten & Trunks going at it. Two lifelong friends who are both the sons of 2 of the mightiest warriors in the universe going at it & fighting for the honour of their proud saiyan fathers

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    Shallot vs Goku would be neat.

    Protagonist vs protagonist it would be one of those fights where they first encounter each other and assume they're a threat.