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    Video for 8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa

    Just wondering if by any chance anyone on GP might have the 8 Foot Sativa - 8 Foot Sativa video in higher quality than the 240p available on youtube:


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    Nah sorry but i forgot about this song it's mean

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    I've got it. I think it sounds a bit better than your link. Will upload to youtube now. Pic quality the same :/

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    Lmao takes me back to my teenage years

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    My childhood best friend was the vocalist for 8 foot when Justin Neissen went on hiatus

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    **** yeah 8 foot. Still listen to this album regularly.

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    Hah, I remember when they opened for Disturbed's first concert here at the tiny Civic Theatre, the sound was so loud you could feel the wind coming off the speakers.

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    B|ind-Reaper* wrote:
    sweet, that is much higher quality than the other video, thx

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    wake up wake up

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    herp derp
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    haha, why would I think pirating a 17 year old album would be allowed

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    Haha I was blasting this in the car today