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    Laptop suggestion

    Looking for a laptop, but am clueless on what's good these days.

    Looking for something with maybe 1tb SSD storage, 8-16gb ram. Uses, general business applications and image editing.
    Budget - $1000-1800



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    You won't find anything with a 1TB SSD for that price unless you're willing to upgrade it yourself. Best I've found is 512GB SSD for around $1700? For some reason large SSDs are still a rare thing with laptops, they haven't caught up with the times.

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    1TB SSD is a bit of coin, and with the competitive market won't be hugely common in the cheaper models. Upgrading it yourself may be the best value option. Put the old drive into a case and use it for backups. Just do your homework on the SSD type that is included, if going the replacement way.

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    Oh yeah sweet as, sounds like a plan.