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    GPU for i5-3570K

    I'm currently running on a i5-3570K and a R9 270 video card - now it appears the video card fried itself last night (will test when i get home tonight) so looking for potential replacement....

    Would a RX580 suit my CPU, or would I be looking at bottle necking.......


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    Will be fine, RX580 a pretty decent for the coin. (last time I checked pricing anyway) RX570 are good too, depending on resolution and games you play.

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    Ta.... now after some testing, Im suspecting might be PSU related and not the video card. Tried 3 different card 2x require PCI-e power, they give same issues... the one that is BUS powered, works fine. Joy..... and me without a spare PSU to try with.

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    Got any molex to 6/8 pin adaptors you can trying different feeds? Just in case your PSU has separate rails.