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    Borg style eyepiece my merely human eyes are defective it would be logical to replace them an upgrade and maybe some bling like an eye lazer or x ray vision

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    I would get a BBC

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    I'd go with the skeleton, I have arthritis in the spine and that's unfix-able, I have dislocated my knee several times along with a few broken bones. Muscles and bruising don't take long to heal, broken bones do.

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    Pretty much upgrade all limbs, legs for speed, running, jumping, kicking etc, arms for speed, strength, fine motor skills and agility. Phallus upgrade to keep the ladies happy, with multiple functions for vibration, massage and shape/growth variation. Enhanced digestive system to keep the bio system strong, enhanced cardiovascular system for maximum performance and an adamantium skeletal system like the wolverine would be awesome. ONE enhanced eye (multiple function enhancements).
    ONE enhanced ear with the ability to vary functions, from enhanced hearing to wireless communication (including 5G, radio spectrum).
    Cerebral enhancements to handle the motherload of sensory inputs, enhanced processing to be able to process info as fast a a multitude of supercomputers, ability to store and access info instantaneously. So that I could read a book, watch a video or demonstration and be able to emulate what I've watched any time perfectly.
    Ability to charge hands for electro charge (taser, charger), or heat (boil a cup of water just holding it).

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    If I was to get an enhancement it would have to be a cloaking system so i could sneak around undetected by the bad guys and defeat them with strategy and intelligence.

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    Cyborg legs so I could run or jump anywhere I need to go

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    Cyborg enhanced hair each strand individually controlled to do my bidding. A new instant hairstyle to suit my mood.

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    ha suckers, nothing cause I'm already perfect.

    I did enjoy Battle Angel Alita, but this? Yeah, don't worry bout putting me in the draw I wouldn't even go see it anyways. Or if I do win, I'd give it away to a GP reg..

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    I'd have nanotech enhancements that would allow me to change its form at will to whatever I need it for

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    Probably my head, just to have really good memory and be able to absorb knowledge real fast and react well.

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    Hands gum, as in the fantastic four, so that I myself could switch channels.

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    A high tech remote hacking device in my brain that can hack and modify anything with my brain

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    What. wrote:
    new penis
    DefinitelyMayb wrote:
    I would get a BBC

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    More than meets the EYE...
    For my cyborg enhancement I would get a bionic eye or retinal prosthesis system. Not only would this majorly improve my sight but also also increase my sense of surroundings.

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    I'd get a toaster put in my right arm - can't fight something that smells like fresh bread.

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    What are those eyes?

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    Inspired by my current dental problems , I would say Bionic teeth which are extra strong, reheals and is bacteria proof so that you never need to visit a dentist ever again. Never Ever.

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    I would go fully biotic, travel back in time and hunt down Sarah Connor before she has her son and hopefully wipe out that shitty Genesys movie from my memory.

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    I would get a bionic sphincter so that I could fart Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

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    My eyes - to see everything

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    Enhancements not required.

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    complete overhaul thanks, body is aging and everything needs upgrading

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    I'd enhance my right hand so it's detachable, add hair regrowth solution to it (Asians don't have much body hair), and then audition for Addams Family.

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    Made by Kiwis

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    The ability to fly. So some kind of propulsion system in the feet and hands.