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    I'd get enhancements for my arms as it'd be handy to be strong as and be able to pick up things like giant as rocks to throw at those baddies

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    Eyes ... then I could ditch the glasses. I may even go for slightly oversized ones as well, just to make others feel uncomfortable.

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    Id get enhancements for the mind, enabling super senses like super sight and hearing, and the ability to become a technopath and control all technology with my mind.

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    Implants in my ears and mouth so I can and understand and speak all languages. So I can finally understand what the people at work mean when they call me "Gweilo"

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    A pair of electrodes into the pleasure centre of my brain and a button that fires them.

    A series of subsequent experiments revealed that rats preferred pleasure circuit stimulation to food (even when they were hungry) and water (even when they were thirsty). Self-stimulating male rats would ignore a female in heat and would repeatedly cross foot-shock-delivering floor grids to reach the lever. Female rats would abandon their newborn nursing pups to continually press the lever. Some rats would self-stimulate as often as 2000 times per hour for 24 hours, to the exclusion of all other activities. They had to be unhooked from the apparatus to prevent death by self-starvation. Pressing that lever became their entire world.

    And so Patient B-19, a 24-year-old male homosexual of average intelligence who suffered from depression and obsessive-compulsive tendencies, was wheeled into the operating room. Electrodes were implanted at nine different sites in deep regions of his brain, and three months were allowed to pass after the surgery to allow for healing. Initially stimulation was delivered to all nine electrodes in turn. However, only the electrode implanted in the septum produced pleasurable sensations. When Patient B-19 was finally allowed free access to the stimulator, he quickly began mashing the button like an 8-year-old playing Donkey Kong. According to the paper,

    "During these sessions, B-19 stimulated himself to a point that, both behaviorally and introspectively, he was experiencing an almost overwhelming euphoria and elation and had to be disconnected despite his vigorous protests."

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    SmashTheTV wrote:
    Implants in my ears and mouth so I can and understand and speak all languages. So I can finally understand what the people at work mean when they call me "Gweilo"
    Lol, Hong Kong resident spotted.

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    I would get an enhancement in my brain that would let me mind control people so everyone can be my minion & do my bidding muahaha

    I would also get cybernetic legs so I could run really fast everywhere & wouldn't have to drive anymore & get stuck in shitty Auckland traffic.

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    Enhancement in my back so I don't get pain anymore would be pretty awesome.

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    new penis

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    New scalp so I can grow hair again

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    Aging sucks. Complete driod body for me, less maintenance. No more arthritis in the joints which hurt when you try maintain some fitness , bad teeth from poor dental hygiene and too much sugary drinks etc

    complete overhaul please thanks, i will be happy as a brain in a jar. ( or as in the original manga, a single super chip inside a pseudo organic skull..

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    a heart, so it's less likely to be broken when I don't win prizes from online competitions...

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    Nothing. Like it or not I'm what peak performance looks like.

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    Bionic stomach. Eat everything, zero indigestion.

    Mild leakage to be expected and tolerated.

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    Full body, or failing that arms.

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    If we truly want to reduce traffic congestion we need to start fitting people with cybernetic legs that can run at up to 50 km/h.

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    A sleep switch with timer - set timer flick switch boom asleep until times up

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    I'd get cyber enhanced buttocks that never went numb when you've been sitting in one place too long and had heating elements in each cheek so you could toast bread between them when lying on your stomach.

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    oh it would have to be my spine! haha no more back pain

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    I'm looking forward to one day being a brain in a jar. With the advanced robotics you can be the cpu plugged into the latest designs with a whole swiss army knife of possible attachments. Imagine getting up in the morning and saying "which body do I feel like wearing today?"

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    I'd upgrade the legs. Being able to travel with ease, without getting tired? Open up a whole new world!

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    leg extensions so i can kick ass from miles away

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    I'd get retractable wheel implants in my feet, like those shoes kids wear. But mine would be electric, so I could just roll everywhere without a scooter.
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    A bionic foot so that I can finally get rid this troublesome foot injury I've had for years