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    Is the game crashing and returning back to the dashboard for anyone else

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    on xbox

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    Is the game crashing and returning back to the dashboard for anyone else

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    on xbox
    Do you want 1000 Apex coins?

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    ludez wrote:
    Do you want 1000 Apex coins?

    I had one crash last night - pretty random though

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    Been doing a Apex Tournament via - much fun

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    Whoever wants the 1k Apex coins pm me

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    HellToupee wrote:
    Yes and if you lose from such an advantageous start to a fight they were simply better, you need more consistency in aim rather than luck.
    I didn't say they wouldn't lose at that point, I said I don't like that mechanic. It just feel arcadey. It also makes you way more dependent on your teammates, since they can't be guided to a win through positioning

    I might give this game another go, I just wish I could do solos for a bit to learn the guns and mechanics better.

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    I recommend spending 5 mins in the training before every session to warm up your aim

    You can get used to all the shitty weapons that you're likely to get stuck with

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    And it's quite often not wise to go for the kill in every encounter in a skirmish, grabbing a quick 50 damage on them for free before skirting a corner will put you at an advantage for subsequent ones

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    Does this still get regularly played by people on here?
    I found partying up a real hassle, often I have to restart Apex or log back in for it to work. This also affects the people I typically party up with.

    I kinda lost interest when the realization that I'm real trash at the game set in

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    Yep, still go back to it quite often - still the funnest shooter I've played in about a decade.

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    I am still into it - mainly because it is so easy to pick up and get into a match instantly. Drop, Die, repeat.

    You can be just about finished a round of Apex before a game of BFV has loaded up.

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    Yeah I'm on PS4, I feel my heart rate skyrockets playing this game, seriously intense. It's fun. Drop, Die, repeat.. As above ;D

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    Yeah, still enjoying the hell out of it. Play it at least once a week with my best buddy. Excited for Season 2 as well, I want to see what Respawn brings to the table in June.

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    Has a pretty good comminuty on pS4. Only a few abusive players in 5 months. Comical guys yelling about the character I choose or not doing something in match. Mostly good people.

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    Actually love this game. Hopefully Season2 will be awesome?

    We just bought another PS4 + Headsets so my wife and I can play it together in the same room. 65" Screen and I'm on widescreen monitor. So good! Brings back so many memories of LAN parties back in the days haha.

    If anyone keen to join us add me on PSN. (vin-mate) We're half decent!

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    Geez I haven't played since like season 1 first dropped, as far as I can see it's tanking pretty quickly they better make season 2 worth it

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    Is it? We wouldn't have to wait more than 30 seconds to join a game each time, matched pretty well instantly.

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    Yeah, I play at least a couple of games every week, and I can say I never experienced matchmaking that was slower than... instant. People who say the game is dead don't know what they're talking about. Sure, it's not even close to what they achieved at launch, and there was a steady drop, but what was left is still a healthy population, I think. In the beginning of Season 2 numbers will go up again.

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    I hope Season 2 brings some decent changes to draw me back. Great game and very well done, but each game just seemed to get so repetitive.

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    Need a new map to explore.

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    Yeah still instantly find games on ps4.

    Strangely I havent got sick of the game yet, but definately wouldnt mind some new stuff. New map etc

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    Have no idea how they'd implement it but having Solo's would get me back into this

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    noooo they removed bunny hopping

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    w(oO)t wrote:
    noooo they removed bunny hopping
    that's a good thing. leave that shit over on Fortnite

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    that sir is your opinion, I like mobility skill based games

    In any case, it's not as drastic as the patch suggested, you can still get two full speed jumps while your trigger a heal, and normal bhopping works fine, so I can be a hard target in open ground.

    I'm biased of course, having grown up bhopping in TF2 / CS pre 1.5 and Natural Selection

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    And I've never played fortnite... can you bhop on that?