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    Is the game crashing and returning back to the dashboard for anyone else

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    on xbox

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    Is the game crashing and returning back to the dashboard for anyone else

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    on xbox
    Do you want 1000 Apex coins?

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    ludez wrote:
    Do you want 1000 Apex coins?

    I had one crash last night - pretty random though

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    Been doing a Apex Tournament via - much fun

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    Whoever wants the 1k Apex coins pm me

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    HellToupee wrote:
    Yes and if you lose from such an advantageous start to a fight they were simply better, you need more consistency in aim rather than luck.
    I didn't say they wouldn't lose at that point, I said I don't like that mechanic. It just feel arcadey. It also makes you way more dependent on your teammates, since they can't be guided to a win through positioning

    I might give this game another go, I just wish I could do solos for a bit to learn the guns and mechanics better.

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    I recommend spending 5 mins in the training before every session to warm up your aim

    You can get used to all the shitty weapons that you're likely to get stuck with

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    And it's quite often not wise to go for the kill in every encounter in a skirmish, grabbing a quick 50 damage on them for free before skirting a corner will put you at an advantage for subsequent ones

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    Does this still get regularly played by people on here?
    I found partying up a real hassle, often I have to restart Apex or log back in for it to work. This also affects the people I typically party up with.

    I kinda lost interest when the realization that I'm real trash at the game set in

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    Yep, still go back to it quite often - still the funnest shooter I've played in about a decade.

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    I am still into it - mainly because it is so easy to pick up and get into a match instantly. Drop, Die, repeat.

    You can be just about finished a round of Apex before a game of BFV has loaded up.

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    Yeah I'm on PS4, I feel my heart rate skyrockets playing this game, seriously intense. It's fun. Drop, Die, repeat.. As above ;D

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    Yeah, still enjoying the hell out of it. Play it at least once a week with my best buddy. Excited for Season 2 as well, I want to see what Respawn brings to the table in June.

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