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    Disney's Aladdin - Will Smith Is The Genie

    Disney just released a new "special look" that finally reveals Will Smith's Genie.

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    ah yes, quite special

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    oof, not feeling that fresh prince digi-double. I honestly have to wonder if this will be the one to kill the "animated classic live action remake" train?

    EDIT; on 1080 it's pretty clear thats a hue-shifted real life 2D Will Smith head on a not-quite right matchmove 3d body and a probably rushed compositing job to compensate. Plus I always thought the Genie was somewhat more ethereal looking, and less solid, so ruining my childhood yada yada..
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    What is this some kind of avatar crossover?

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    Kill it with fire.

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    it looks so stupid

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    Hopefully the crap genie cgi will be fixed when release comes.

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    That isn't the Jafar I remember - he sounds bored not desperate for power.

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    Is this a joke?

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    Jafar didn't bother me too much; I think the character could potentially work taken in that direction.

    That ****in genie, though. ****ing hell.

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    This is fine who cares

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    is anyone actually watching this?

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    Will Smith genie has potential to be saved by his inherent memeability.

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    Yes I too prefer a realistic genie based on a cartoon