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    GTX 780 SC 6gb VS 1060 OC 6gb


    i am now using GTX 780 SC 6GB, i play PUBG.
    Would upgrading to 1060 makes much difference ?
    Worth the money for the upgrade or just stick with 780 and upgrade sometime later for $ better value ?


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    Rest of system specs?

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    I wouldn't bother personally. You would want a bigger step up. GTX 1070 or greater. They can be had around the $400 mark used.

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    i7 26600 3.4gh
    24gb ddr3

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    I picked up a 780 ti, when I looked into it it sat around a 1050 ti for the most part, and went above a 1060 on a couple games.

    So you'll get a benefit, but not enough of one for it to be worth $300+

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    It's actually doing really well. Kinda like a 1060 3GB/RX 570

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    nzbleach wrote:

    It's actually doing really well. Kinda like a 1060 3GB/RX 570
    I tried to watch that and I was just looking at static graphs and listening to someone talk. I gather it does alright from what I did see but this kind of thing is absolutely ideal WRITTEN DOWN.

    ****ing videos, man.

    Use a video if what you need to convey cannot be static, like a puppy struggling to stay awake. But putting in a quick render (not actually generated by the graphics card in question) between graphs does not count.

    The one save was the countdown timer on each graph so you knew how far away before he moved on, that was an excellent addition.

    A 5 minute skim becomes a 15 minute video that's more difficult to fully absorb the relevant words.

    I absolutely hate this push to turn articles into videos and not supply the accompanying article.

    In fact, I'm going to Anandtech right now to turn my adblocker off.

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    Stop being a grumpy old man

    We're old school like that but the youngans prefer youtube over TV. Kinda cool to think these "channels" are available now with the content we like.

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    I don't get it, they supply the article. So enraged you didn't check the video description or what?

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    Fragluton wrote:
    I don't get it, they supply the article. So enraged you didn't check the video description or what?
    I've rechecked and you're right, after I expanded the description.

    I'm not expanding every already playing video description in the hopes an article exists unless you can guarantee 100% of the time a link exists to an article version.

    The video starts playing before expanding the description is allowed and it waits, and it waits, and it waits until the video starts playing before giving the rest.

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    I can guarantee that every Nexus video will have an article yes. He is very big on doing detailed articles. Would be easier for you to just not use YouTube though as i'm sure you'll find many channels don't have articles. I've never read one, but Hardware Unboxed have articles too.

    Grumpy old man confirmed.

    As for thread topic, 1660Ti could be worth saving for, over a 1060SC. Pretty good performer, if the price is right. (I haven't checked latest pricing)

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    I am looking to upgrade my GTX960 at the moment in preparation for VR.

    Currently the best bang for your buck seems to be a used 1080, a couple went for $520 this week, which is great value as the 1070TI is going for more, and the 1080TI is $8-900 second hand.

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    GTX 1070 can be had for between $300 to $350 on trademe if you're lucky. That would also be a nice upgrade if you're still with 1080P