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    Do I need a specific M2 Enclosure?

    So my wifes laptop stopped turning on today. No charge light, 3 flashes from the dc socket LED. Tested the psu ok using my voltmeter, took the case off as it wouldn't surprise me if something had been spilt in it. Turns out it had.

    What I didn't know when I bought this from pbtech, or maybe didn't notice, was that the SSD is actually an M2 drive. So either I spend around 4K on my ideal upgrade PC, or I get an external enclosure. No prizes for which option I need to take. Time is not of the essence here, I don't mind waiting. I can get an enclosure from PB Tech, but would prefer to spend less than I need to, as this probably won't see a huge amount of use.

    Will this, work for this?

    The physical board layout looks different, so I'm not sure if they're all made to fit, or whether I need a specific drive enclosure, with the same board design

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    ok so it looks like the enclosures suit certain/different lengths. This m2 drive is 80mm long, about 22mm wide

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    Have seen 2280 a lot when it comes to m.2 SSD. So a case that fits 2280 should do the trick. Seems logical to me anyway, i've never had one.

    This one mentions different models that aren't compatible though. Not sure if the pin out is due to PCI-e vs NVME, or PCI-e has different specs too.

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    At least the photos of the different modules look the same as what I've got here. I'm going to order the one that supports 2280, USB Type C -> USB A There was also this explanation at the bottom which helps clear things up. The original drive has both "keys"

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    There's two types of m.2 drives, SATA and PCI-E and they have pinouts to their respective locations (eg you could get a SATA+power cable and plug a SATA drive into it. Or a direct ribbon interface to a PCI-E one, but can't crossover*).

    *Can get devices that support both, though, however they just have both sets of pins going to them.

    The Samsung PM871a is a SATA m.2 drive.

    So you need a SATA m.2 enclosure.