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    Headphone Repair

    I bought a refurbished pair of Sony WH-1000XM2 from NewEgg. It was working great for about 3 months when all of a sudden I stopped getting any sound out of the left ear. I tried taking it to the Sony store but without even looking at it they tell me that the cost repair will be as much as getting a new one. So I tried to open up the left side and it seems there is a board inside with many wires which all from what I can see are still connected. Internal pics are like this. (

    Do I count my losses or is there something I can do? The right ear cup has touch functionality which is all working fine and the headphones still connect via bluetooth and 3.5mm. I have tried with multiple devices and get the same result.

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    I had something similar recently and fixed it with a 10min soldering job on a wire with my Dad. We'd both never soldered before and managed to figure it out.

    Try identify if there's one wire causing the issue. What we did was

    - I put headphones on with music
    - He went through and wiggled each individual wire
    - When one particular wire was wiggled the sound temporarily came back to the left side
    - Resoldered that wire

    Everything worked!

    Same issue for me, I'd got a repair quote that was estimated at more than the price of the $200 headphones (!).

    At that point I thought, what have I got to lose, so with attempted a 0 knowledge repair job with a budget $30 soldering iron

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    Thanks that's exactly what I needed to hear to give this a try. What model headphones do you have? Noice cancelling?

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    Nah just 'normal' headphones. AKG K612 Pro.

    Probably Noise Cancelling adds a whole different level of complication, or maybe your issue isn't just a simple un-attached wire like mine.

    Just start by putting the headphones on and getting someone to wiggle each wire.

    Or if there's a wire that has obviously come un-attached it's probably that one.

    But if either of those don't work then I don't have a clue... Hope it works out