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    Remember the Pokemon direct is tomorrow at 1am.

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    Unsure how I feel at the moment.

    Giant Pokemon seems a bit silly especially coming from mega evolution and z moves. Suppose they needed something but I'm not sure about giant poke balls etc.

    Also the legendaries, a wolf carrying a sword in its mouth seems some what odd. The wolf with a shield mane makes sense though.

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    Giant raid boss eh...

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    These combat gimmicks just ruin the games for me. I preferred when they were simpler.

    Playable Spaceworld Gold Demo English ROMHack when?

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    Looks good, I'm actually hyped for it this time. Last trailer didn't make me super excited. I loved Let's Go! (other than the forced motion control and the co-op is OP the whole game thing) but absolutely hated Sun & Moon so Pokemon is in a weird spot for me at the moment.

    Dunno why we need a gimmick every game now, very Nintendo-like seemingly wanting to have new ones just for the sake of it.

    Overall though I think it looks pretty good!

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    looks really fun. not 100% on board with the giant mode, will have to see how it plays out in the story or if its just another case of "Ultra Beasts"

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    Haven't got through the whole video yet but the world feels kind of empty visually in some places? Hopefully just early stages on openworld-ness

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    Stasis wrote:
    Haven't got through the whole video yet but the world feels kind of empty visually in some places? Hopefully just early stages on openworld-ness
    I'm pretty sure this is faux open world.

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    There was a screenshot floating around 4chan /vp/ showing the clouds are completely copy/pasted over and over.

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    So apparently you wont be able to transfer certain pokemon via pokemon home because they wont even be in the game or something.

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    Yup. GameFreak gets lazier every gen.

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    Also don't like how much of a Breath of the Wild clone this looks.

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    I'm quite the opposite and would totally welcome a BOTW Pokemon clone. Imagine picking your own path as opposed to being forced down a linear path because of Snorlax or you don't have cut/flash/surf.

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    Treehouse gameplay on nintendo's youtube is getting hammered. 42,000 dislikes currently.

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    To be fair, players were complaining that the game should be less linear and more like BOTW.

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    Any news on what the last form of the starters looks like? I don't wanna play if their wrestlers, or circus animals again.

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    Incineroar and Decidueye were boss.

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    Was xd a good game?

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    I enjoyed , yes. It was a few steps up over Colosseum.

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    I enjoyed it as well

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    They actually responded to the National Dex controversy. Basically confirmed no changes are happening. Wonder how this will affect sales?

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    Yeah that doesn’t have any impact on my choice to play the game

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    i'm kinda ok with that. the amount of them was getting a bit out of control.

    main thing i'd like to see is a list of confirmed Pokemon from the previous games.

    and a confirmation on wither this will carry on into the next games as well.

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    pretty sad imo