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    Valeyard wrote:
    They actually responded to the National Dex controversy. Basically confirmed no changes are happening. Wonder how this will affect sales?
    I prefer this English translation:

    "We know you have complained.
    We aren't going to change anything.
    **** you.
    ~Masuda, 2019"

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    Wow - that has to be the most non-answer answer I've ever read. That would make any politician blush.

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    The core gameplay looks solid

    What concerns me is the lack of the hardwares capabilities

    The switch just isnít designed for large open world games.
    The last Pokťmon game worked well with itís original design.
    But now they have moved to 3rd person fully open world - and then the problems start.
    I thought Zelda was barren but this one takes the cake - the map is filled with large areas that are very barren

    Iíll still buy and enjoy it - but I already know this game is going to get the same criticisms that Zelda did

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    hmm these designs

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    Team Yell? Seriously?