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    How about we just make a new law that makes it legal to break into the houses of spammers and kick their dog? We'll just make the definition of "spam" really vague so all those commercial ones count.

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    Let’s leave the dogs out of this eh? You ****ing psycho.

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    brand wrote:
    I read about an idea a while back that added like a second between emails sent. This would
    have no effect on most of us but absolutely cripple spammers.
    It's called tarpitting, a basic feature in spam protection. Most spam would disappear if people just published SPF records, it's like a 5 minute job, but most admins are to f**king lazy/scared/dumb to do it.

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    SPF records is one of the things we do, and it seriously reduces spam. And i work for an organisation with 500+ staff, with many of their email addresses listed on the public-facing website.