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Cover up yo nads?

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Yes wear shorts you swine
30 68.18%
No its 2019, women wear compression pants without shorts.. so can you!
7 15.91%
Here for the sh*tstorm
7 15.91%
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    jorts or zip off cargo pants over my leggings and leotard

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    Mancubus wrote:
    You're basically a fat chick at Pak n Save
    But with a mangina.

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    stupid sexy flanders

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    so where is the shitstorm?

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    CODChimera wrote:
    so where is the shitstorm?
    Only 3 people have selected that, and SirGrim is still suspended, so i think we good!

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    Just checking into this thread to see what I can wear to the gym today. Dang it.

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    Those post-race awards photos of cycle teams .....

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    Frederick James wrote:
    Those post-race awards photos of cycle teams .....
    Try being stuck driving around the Pauahatanui inlet behind a formation of heffer-arses in tights (and you know when the tights are stretched to their limits they start to be come almost see through)

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    I walked up to a coffee stand at the beach once and some lady was in front of me - sun behind me - she was bending over at the counter demonstrating how see through those tights go when stretched to their limits in full sunlight.

    I just wanted a coffee.

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    They dont work -

    Besides looking like a dick!

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    looking swole is the main reason

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    I've honestly never noticed what dudes wear at the gym (except for one time where a guy was working out in jeans) bit I'll keep an eye out next time.

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    They dont work -

    Besides looking like a dick!
    I need them more to prevent chafing...

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    I prefer to have pockets...

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    Gesellschaft wrote:
    stupid sexy flanders
    Post of the thread imo.

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    Itís acceptable to wear them in a jiujitsu/mma gym without shorts. Which I often did.

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    I ordered some new compression tops the other day. Can't wait to show off my nipple outlines.

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    If i am running in them then I wear shorts, if I am swimming, kayaking or other water related activity I do not wear shorts although they are made out of thicker material. .

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    It's bad enough on most women

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    I don't wear any pants.