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    Easy one here Zod the Merciless, the guy the crowd boos to exhaustion.
    Special move would call it On Your Knees. Whack the opponent in the back of the legs, screaming ON YOUR KNEES before a two handed knockout blow to the side of the head.

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    Aphrodite - and the move would be "Love Bite"

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    My name would be Soui.

    My finisher would be batting my beautiful eyes leaving the opponent and ref in a trance before I low blow the opponent.

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    The Armchair Coach. Special Move: If I Was The Coach Clothesline

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    Snowflake The Special. My finishing move would be called The Triggering.

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    The Emperor

    my finishing move would be the Thronemaker

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    The Orange Pumpkin

    Finishing move: The Wall

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    The Overtaker, special move would be called Really Fast Racecar Driver

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    El Barto. Finishing move would be cowabunga........

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    Wrestling Name: The Ginger Ninja
    Special Move: The Soul Toll