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    Advice on a new 32" TV needed


    I'm downsizing the TV (we only use it for streaming) to a 32 inch so I went to HN earlier but they had a limited range of only 4 TV's that weren't impressive.

    It seems there are no 4k so FHD is the minimum resolution. I'd like excellent colours along with the ability to see darker movies and shows clearer too. The thinnest bezel possible too. Aesthetics is important.

    So it really is about the clarity, colour, highest possible Hz and whatever technology that has become available in the last 5 or so years since I bought the old TV.

    The sound isn't too important as I connect via a W4S DAC2 through my SM9 Focals as the old TV was.

    I haven't bought a smart TV before as I've had a NUC attached to the rear of the old 42 inch and I'm not sure whether we should/will reuse it. It may be that this still allows better performance and more options.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Well I'd recommend you get a 43" 4K set. I don't really understand the logic of going from a 42" to a 32" Unless this is a small bedroom where the TV is about as far away as the average computer monitor is, to the keyboard.

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    The larger screens take up too much space and the room and furniture becomes oriented towards it. Aesthetically, the big black thing that ruins the space. So I'm comfortable downsizing. I've found that once you start watching any sized screen and become engrossed, that size doesn't matter.

    Anyway, after an afternoon googling, it seems only an average featured Samsung UA32M5500 is the best available option.

    Doesn't a member or two here work at HN's? Maybe they are aware of something better?

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    Used to work at noels. The m5500 is good, the samsung's dont start getting bezel-less until the 7000's IIRC. There is the 43" frame TV to blend in a little more, but it's quite a lot of money for a TV. Comes with the one connect too.

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    I suppose the other option is to get a 32" monitor -a lot of those come with 4k and HDR but they aren't cheap...

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    Buying a monitor crossed my mind. Unfortunately I'd also need to update the NUC. It is 3 years old and only a pentium quad and the onboard graphics would likely fail to process anything UHD. Also, modern TVs do a lot of extra pictire processing such as hdr.

    The Sammy 5500 is the only real option so I'll have another look at it today.

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    Yep, your options are very slim, almost not even worth the money.

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    I guess I see what you mean, but the manufacturers just don't make the sub 43" models their "premium range". Those are a little more basic.

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    Got my mum a Samsung full HD. Can't remember the model but basically it was the best 32" TV I could find, probably the same one you are looking at. It's ok I guess. She is very happy with it.

    Will probably get another one for myself when we move house for the smaller lounge. Same reason as you, don't want a big ass TV dominating the room. Still got my trusty old 65" plasma for the main lounge.