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    Inside Xbox Hype Thread

    Show starts at 10am. Lots of stuff being teased for this one. Figured it was thread worthy.

    Game Pass on PC
    Halo MCC on PC
    Reach being added into MCC

    Just some of the possible announcements.

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    Last one was absolutely horrible to watch.

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    I am rigid.

    Gamepass on PC would be wonderful. Halo on MCC? Someone find me that Vince Mcmahon gif.

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    Full gamepass on pc would be great. Currently it is limited to the play anywhere titles so a bigger range of games would be great.

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    I hope MCC will be on sale separate from game pass.

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    its starting.

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    MCC Coming to pc, steam and windows store.

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    What happened to Age of Empires? There was supposed to be an announcement?

    edit: boo, they bait and switched at the last minute