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    Off to Sydney next week ... what to wear?

    I was thinking I should wear a jacket, trousers and shoes on the plane instead of shorts and sandals, so I have something to wear if we go out to a nice restaurant.

    But I really want to travel as light as possible ... do I really need to wear trousers? I was thinking I could just get away with shorts and T-shirts and sandals/jandals, thru the whole 5 days.

    Decisions, decisions?

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    Judging by weather a raincoat?

    Will still be muggy as **** though.

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    The only logical answer is to wear a thong, while wearing thongs.

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    "do I need to wear trousers?"

    Just follow your heart man. It's getting cooler now so wearing them at night might be ok. I wouldn't bother though.

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    Shorts all the way, take a summer sweatshirt and also a rain jacket. If you need anything badly you have Kmart, Target, B&W, Myer. Heaps of shops if you get caught. I'd take 1 pair of nice pants and 1 pair of lounging ones just incase.

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    "I'd take 1 pair of nice pants" - Problem with that is I then need to take shoes and socks

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    "I'd take 1 pair of nice pants" - Problem with that is I then need to take shoes and socks
    Good lord

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    Decided to wear shoes and socks too as well as trousers shirt and jacket. I feel over dressed but it pays to be prepared. It looks like showers, but I was still able to put all my other clothes in a carry on bag.

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    You should get a pair of pants with the zippered legs that convert to shorts -your greatest problem in life will finally be solved.

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    After all that it didnt rain!!!