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    Wireless in ear headphone recommendations?

    Hey team,

    I'm looking for advice on a couple of things:
    1. recommendations for in-ear headphone/buds;
    2. how they might compare to overear headphones (would be looking at Sony XM3);
    3. also how good are the mics for calls?

    Main use case is for commute to work, which is train and walk and in the office. not for home, since I have a few open back headphones. I think at this stage the XM3's seem like the most ideal.


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    Hey dude,

    I just picked up a pair of Jabra Elite Active 65t buds. (NL's sale brings them down to $285, normally $385).

    I replaced my aging SOL Amps Air as they always had connection problems, severely unbalanced audio and never stayed in.

    The Jabra's are everything the reviews say them to be - the best true wireless buds you can get without going bankrupt. Amazing sound with warm punchy bass. 5hrs use time and 2 full charges in the carrying case. Super comfy and they stay in when at the gym.

    They have an insane amount of features;

    - A fitness tracker which also doubles as an automatic play pause function when you remove and put one of the buds back in (motion sensors).
    - 'HearThrough' which makes use of the inbuilt microphones. When turned on it blocks out ambient noise but lets in things like voices close by so you can still have a conversation with them in.
    - Button control (which can be a bit fiddly) for pause, next, volume, answer/ignore calls, turn on/off hearthrough.
    - Jabra app has an equalizer and sound profiles.
    - firmware updates.

    I don't much like over ear phones as I look like a goof when in public. I like how discreet in-ears are. They also have fantastic passive noise cancellation.

    It was between the Elite Active's and the Galaxy Buds but in NZ the Galaxy Buds are $299 compared to $129USD in the States and I can't bring myself to pay the 'bottom of the world' tax on the Galaxy Buds.

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    Do you have a budget?

    I've got a set of the Jaybird runs, which I honestly cannot recommend, despite that I love them to bits. They suffer from connectivity issues and the charging case is poorly designed, which resulted in one of the charging pins becoming bent from normal usage, so I got a refund.

    I can, however highly recommend the JayBird Bluebirds X4, same sound as the Runs, but never had connectivity issues between the buds are they're connected via a cable.

    I've got got a paid of the Sennheiser CX 6.00 which sadly their ear cups dont fit right in my ears and fall out, but also sound great and has no issues with connectivity.

    I can't comment on the Mic quality of these products those and I don't use it.

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    Thanks Rii and watchthisspace for the recommendations. I might look at these when it comes to in-ears.

    So it in the past weekend that's been, CL had a sale (maybe as a result of PB's EOFY sale) so ended picking up the Sony XM3's as a bday pres from the Mrs. Man, they're incredible! I've got a set of older wired Sony in-ear ANC, and the improvement for noise cancelling is huge.

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    i bought one from here its good deal i think if you still searching one for you

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    I have these and they are really quite good.

    They are a couple of years old now but work well, the secret as with any in ears is to get a good tight fit.

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    dickytim wrote:
    I have these and they are really quite good.

    They are a couple of years old now but work well, the secret as with any in ears is to get a good tight fit.
    second this , i use the foam tips , squash them up so they go in the ear and then they expand to fit the ear and stay snug