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    Chinese Laptops

    Anyone looked into some of the more cheaper Chinese brand laptops?

    I follow TechTablets on YouTube (Kiwi dude living in Spain) and he reviews all of the chinese phone/laptops/devices and he has good things to say about this -

    However keen to hear from anyone who has ordered something similar and how it's gone.

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    Good specs for the money. You do get what you pay for though in this case probably a lack of warranty.

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    Atoms for anything more than watching stuff: Not even once.

    They even make web browsing feel bad.

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    I owned a Ezbook 3 pro was not a bad laptop no real faults or niggles TBH the screen was better than anything entry level from the large firms.

    Also TechTablets fantastic youtube channel use his affiliate link if you can.

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    I have an ezbook, I use it mainly for watching videos which its good for. Basic word document stuff. It's slow at times though and the keyboard and touchpad aren't great. Screen is better than all laptops at that price. Battery is ok for what you pay. Build quality is good. Been using for almost a year and no real complaints overall. I have a desktop for more intensive task. Personally wouldn't rely on it if you have to open more than one application. Even doing word/PDF it lags.