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    I'm truly devastated that we lost someone that we all knew. Just under 10 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting [email protected] at XLAN09 and we all had a great time. I will miss you man We will see each other again one day my friend.

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    Went to the Vigel in the Basin with Tank and Zephyr tonight, had a few beers after and had a great catch up talking about old times and celebrating Atta's life.

    Members of the CSNZ community are flying down tomorrow to support and show their respect. I would be going but i'm expecting our 3rd child any day now so need to stay home.
    It sucks that it took something like this for people to get together but let's be there for each other the way he would have done.

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    Learned the news over Facebook . Player a few games of source with him back in the day. Very sad to hear this.

    Rest easy brother ❤

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    Damn I was in artificial with him for a few months and met him at xLan, he was such a nice guy - so sad to hear he's leaving a wife and kid behind, RIP.

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    Absolute tragedy... I remember [email protected] from Treshna days when there was really a great community around CS and no one cared about where you came from or what your background was.
    Praying for his family and friends left behind... RiP Atta.

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    A very saddening and tragic loss of an absolute legend. Was fortunate to meet Atta at a few different CS events - a truely genuine and friendly human being. Rest in peace [email protected]

    Much love to all close friends and family at this difficult time.

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    BW wrote:
    There is a gofundme page for Attas family if anyone wishes to donate
    RIP, Atta truly was one of a kind, please consider donating to this people... He is leaving behind a young family. This is so sad, It's the least we can do for our friend.

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    I met Atta in my early teens through a mutual friend, and we both bonded over CS and was a good friend IRL.
    He changed my life for the better, looked out for me growing up and has always been someone I look up to and respect.

    When I say he changed my life, he really did - Not only as a role model but my career as well. Atta recommended me to the company I have now been working with for over a decade, my dream job. Initially as a contractor, I brought my own PC into the office and it was Atta whom picked me up from home and drove us to work.

    When I last saw Atta, he was telling me how much he loved life. That being a father was better than he could have ever imagined and how much he loved his family. He told me that one of the highlights of his day was going home to see his wife and daughter, hear about their day, and playing with Aya. He had a huge smile, and I was so happy for him.

    Atta was one of the kindest, loving and generous people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.
    I will miss you bro, and keep you, your family and friends in my prayers.

    Stuff has written a great article about Atta:
    There is also a givealittle page for his wife and daughter:

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    Atta ([email protected]) at BattleLink cafe.

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    Oh what the ****, that was him? I remember him from way back.

    RIP; so sad to hear. Gone way too soon.

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    RIP - thoughts also go out to his family & former clanmates.

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    Rest in peace Atta, a true testament to your solid gold character that everyone has nothing but the great memories of you. I only met you a couple of times but I still remember you and your CS steez vividly. Truly one of the friendliest people you could ever know. Being stolen from your young family like this is massively unjust and tragic.

    Gone far too soon!

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    RIP Atta, a true & very nice bloke, played with & against him along time ago, will miss seeing that [email protected] stylez

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    oh wow, I had no idea - amazing how much closer to home it is after this - i guess thats the depersonalisation of the modern world, sadly.

    Definitely a familiar name and face around these parts, played with him in scrims and games quite a lot way back when. Always seemed like a good guy.


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    For those of you wishing to donate to Atta's remaining family.
    They're doing it tough right now.

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    ****, never met the dude IRL, but played with him heaps online.

    RIP in peace.

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    RIP, I use to watch that YouTube clip on repeat in 2007

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    RIP very bummed to see in my news feed someone from the old NZ CS:S scene was a victim

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    I have not posted on this forum in years. But [email protected] is a legend. Rest in piece, gone far to soon.
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    RIP man, that sucks