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    RIP Cr@zyArab

    Stuff has learned Atta Elayyan, 33, the goalkeeper for the national and Canterbury men’s futsal teams, was shot by the gunman as he prayed at a mosque in the city on Friday.

    Elayyan, who was born in Kuwait, recently became a father and was a popular member of the Christchurch tech industry. He was a director and shareholder of a company called LWA Solutions.
    Some of you may or may not know, but Atta was a big part of the CSNZ scene from the early days of Counter-Strike Source, playing in one of NZ's best source teams NewType. He'll be sadly missed by his family and those of use who remember playing with him.
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    Nicest guy in the world, he will be missed.
    Rest in peace, Atta.

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    [Copied from my OD post]

    I am honoured to have known Atta from our days back in 2005-2009 playing counter strike.

    He was one of the kindest, and most friendliest member of the csnz community.

    He never had a bad word to say about anyone, and in my two to three years of playing with him I don't remember him ever speaking in anger to anyone.

    He stayed with myself and my parents for the odd LAN and they found him to be a very polite and well mannered individual.

    He was driven to reach his potential in all aspects of his life and also assisted others in fulfilling their potential too.

    I will cherish the times we spent playing together and hope to emulate your best qualities where I can.
    He really was the best of us in the cs community and I will miss you brother.

    One of his last posts on the cstrike forums talking about his experience with counter strike and going forward in his career.

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    I'm in shock. In tears. WHY ! WHY! RIP my brother. Father, IT leader. I will miss our chats, love you bro

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    Can someone post that video of Cr@zyarab going HUGE with the deagz

    RIP brother

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    zephyrrrr wrote:
    Can someone post that video of Cr@zyarab going HUGE with the deagz

    RIP brother

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    What ****ing horrific news. Atta is such a lovely person and deserved only positive things in his life.

    CSNZ would really struggle to name a nicer CS player.

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    Holy shit just heard :'(

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    Is this the same guy who had built a v8 E30 bmw?? Anyway rip

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    focus wrote:
    Is this the same guy who had built a v8 E30 bmw?? Anyway rip
    thats him

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    I haven't posted here in years.. but I just wanted to say RIP Cr@zyArab, I met you couple times at xLAN among other people from NewType always thought you were such a great player and such a nice person whenever I said hi. RIP my man.

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    Goodbye brother.

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    Look after each other and your loved ones CSNZ brothers

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    Rest easy my friend.

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    There is a gofundme page for Attas family if anyone wishes to donate

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    So unfortunate. This really hammers home to me that this attack isn't just an attack on the Muslim community, but one on us all as Kiwis. The statement "They are us." rings so true. If you don't know someone who's been hurt directly or indirectly as a result of this, odds are someone else you know does. That's our three degrees of seperation we live with.

    I hope everyone who can, gets out to a vigil or shows their support in any way they can. It's great to see the gofundme that's been set up for Atta. I can unfortunately from personal experience when my mother was killed 3 years ago that the ripples of these events extend far and wide and leave a lasting damage that takes time to heal over, but is always vulnerable to being scratched again.

    There are additional funds you can donate to. Victim Support is an amazing organisation that helps family members travel, covers funeral costs and provides extended support services and a person to talk to for those impacted (including friends and family). They're going to be very busy and stretched over the year, so if you have the means, please consider donating to them or the NZIIC fund.

    The New Zealand Islamic Information Centre (NZIIC) has set up a crowdfunding campaign on Launchgood with all funds raised distributed to the victims and families affected by the Christchurch attack. All proceeds will go towards helping with their immediate, short-term needs. “No amount of money will bring back their loved ones, but we do hope to lessen their burden in some way,” says NZIIC.

    The New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups has also set up a crowdfunding campaign on Givealittle. Victim Support says it will use all donations received to the page to provide support and resources for people affected by the Christchurch shootings and their family members.
    Lots of love to the community. They are us.

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    RIP Cr@zyArab

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    Stunned. Dammit. Poor Atta and his close friends and family

    Atta was such a legend. I met him almost 20 years ago playing CS and then at the LAN events.. Truly a great bloke. Enough cannot be said about what a awesome person he was.

    Taken way too soon by this muppet.

    RIP Cr@zyArab. You will be missed mate. Thoughts with your family and close friends.


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    Long time since I posted on here. Heartbreaking to see a lovely person taken all too soon from his family and friends. Condolences to those of you whom are members of Atta's family or had the opportunity to become friends. I have only met Atta in person on a few occasions around the fringes of CS events, always a super nice person. RIP.

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    so sad he was such a great guy

    RIP brother

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    RIP mate it so was not your time so sad my thoughts go out to his family and anyone who has met and gamed with RIP

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    Love for one of the good guys. Take care everyone

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    rip bud

    Many a fun cs games were had with ya