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    Sorry this one took so long folks, have had a few unexpected setbacks hindering my progress despite playing every minute of my spare time. The game is an absolute blast though and I'm already praying for some big DLC.

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    Inclined to agree really. When the game shines, it shines blindingly bright, but it's got a number of traditional KH fallbacks as well, most of all the absolutely batshit main story, The game is truly at it's best when it's indulging in Disney's incredible worlds (which have been realized to absolute perfection in most cases) but is at it's worst when you're fighting this guy, who is also these however many guys and this other guy who is a younger version of that guy who is the even younger version of the same guy who shows up who was friend of this other old guy who was also young. Also don't forget that that guy is literally a copy of this other guy based on an older version of this guy. And that these two guys who are different guys even though they look identical are both trapped inside of this other guy. Oh, and these other guys? They all die, but this other guy brings them back to life because they can't die and they're still needed for the plot, so yeah, they're all alive again.

    And no, I don't claim that the above is completely accurate. I had a hard time following the absolute ****ery that was the plot. But that gives you a real good idea of how insane the story actually is.

    Like, the main plot is completely insane. I can't say I like it one bit. But romping around the Disney worlds was an absolute blast, a real 10/10 experience in most cases and I can do nothing but highly recommend playing KH3 to fans of any of the worlds featured.

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    For me, I loved it, how could I not? I essentially grew up with this series, playing the first one at 12, the second at 17, and this one at 29.

    However, I genuinely feel like its overall a weaker title than KH2. The game completely loses its shit in the final act with horrible pacing, writing, and way too easy final boss fights, and batshit nonsensical story decisions by pretty much everyone in the cast. Everything up to the end of the final Disney World is an amazing ride, but I was never particularly challenged on proud mode.

    Its been several months and there is still no critical mode, really hurts the replayability of the game compared to its predecessors.

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    Ramza wrote:
    but I was never particularly challenged on proud mode.
    This is something that irked me as well. I remember proud mode in the older games would cave my ****ing head in if I wasn't at the top of my game. Proud on KH3 felt easier than normal difficulty in older titles. I probably died no more times throughout the whole campaign than I can count on a single hand.

    Something that bugged me was the amusement rides too. Sometimes I'd have a bunch of them stacked up and it was essentially 'Press Triangle to Win'. As pretty as they could be, I couldn't help but feel like the game would have been better without them. At the very least they should have been used extremely sparingly. They also weren't as fun as the actual combat itself and only detracted from the overall enjoyment and pacing of battle.