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    Apex Legends

    Do any of you old ****s play apex legends? If so, add me on Origin - skytech2MFG.

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    No thanks! Aint got time for that (or a PC that can handle that )

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    battle royal sucks

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    Apex legends really a nice game. but you check coc (clash of clans) is most popular game in the world.

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    Nah, i stopped playing to be honest. Was having framerate issues.

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    Been jamming CSGO on Faceit recently, much better servers than MM and also PUBG is back to instant queues for OCE Squads so thats kinda fun too.

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    It is a nice game but not as good as CS:GO. This game has a lot of communities and played by gamers from all over the world. Looking at CS:Go schedule of matches we can see that it is developing like a eSport game and we can watch great tournaments with the participation of great teams.

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    ^ It's en entirely different game that can't really be compared. APEX is awesome.

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    Get ****ed ****