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    So. 3 tomorrow, yes?

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    Oh shit I forgot about this. If I am very hungover tomorrow I might have to pass

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    Hmmm mayhaps

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    yeah I'l be there jeda

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    **** guys, my babysitter bailed last minute

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    Aw shit. I’m here anyhow.

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    Probably shoulda done it in the evening lmao

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    Where TF are you sitting?

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    I left at 4 :E

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    Ahh fuuark. Oh well at least I got to try some nice beer.

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    Yeah I ended up finding a quiet spot around the leather armchairs, working my way through a pint and reading a book. Not a bad way to spend an hour but I should probably have stuck around a bit longer just in case. I kinda figured that the only people that had replied recently were Jeda/ED and if noone else was posting it might be RIP.

    I'm still 100% keen to make this happen; I'm a little further away at a mate's place atm but can make my way back there if others are turning up. If not today then we could book it in again but stick to the evening next time.

    I didn't even realise you were down here BVC :E.

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    Ironically I had another thing to go to later on, also at poms, which also didn't happen

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    Yeah, real sorry about the piking. Keen to make this happen at some point. I'll book like an actual paid babysitter next time.

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    No worries, we'll get there. ****ing ruts at the second appointment bailing out too BVC.

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    Thought the match I was shooting would have finished early afternoon didn't end up finishing till after 5 next time.

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    I miss the good old days when 30+ people would turn up to that dive bar in Auckland. It would still be the same people now, just 10 years older.

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    Yeah the Castle was top tier.