Borderlands - Mask of Mayhem

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    yeahboiwahoo wrote:
    I'm not even sure whats happening here now

    I'm pleased its something they have done for this as they actively punished you in bl2 if you were more than 3 levels away from the party leader with less xp and damage (and both of those penalties ramped up the further away you were)

    The dead island system (along with its melee combat feel) was defo ahead of its time and active level scaling between people etc is still pretty uncommon.
    I think it was an unfortunate side effect of trying to make the game harder for end game players.
    The damage reduction on OP8 was brutal if you didn't have a really well setup character.

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    Blitz^ wrote:
    Why can I not pre-order the Diamond Loot Edition for PC - there's only a console option
    Have you called EB, they dont have it on their website but I called a store and had to go into pre order the Loot Chest edition for PS4

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    Black Plague*** wrote:
    Borderlands 1 on the PSN Store for $49
    Thats not a bad price considering the changes they have made. I think I need to downlaod and play BL1 again

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    Rocked some BL1 today.

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    Mountain Slayr wrote:
    Thats not a bad price considering the changes they have made. I think I need to downlaod and play BL1 again
    Yep, all the DLCtoo

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    Some good information in the playstation blog:

    You can choose to have your own loot stream so no more loot ninja's or you can keep the original co-op shared loot style.

    Guns having different shooting options - Atlas now offers guns that fire tracker tags and Smart Bullets; DAHL weapons feature alternate fire modes; and the Maliwan range now incorporates firearms that can toggle between two elements and deal guaranteed elemental damage.

    guns that grow legs and then chase down enemies while verbally abusing them
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    I really don't care about another storefront. I run Steam, Origin and Uplay and they don't cause me any issues. I have enough RAM to run them all without even knowing they're running in the background.