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    Starfield and TES VI will not be at E3 2019

    Todd Howard confirmed it while talking about the future of Bethesda at Pax East.

    Before everyone asks, please be patient. Itís going to be a long time. Itís not something weíre going to be talking about at E3, either of those games, this year. And so patience, please, but you know, given the anniversary, we did want to give everybody a tasteÖ

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    yfy more fallout 76

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    No surprises with TES6, it's FAR FAR off. They only announced it really early because they had the brains to avoid a Diablo Immortal-esque backlash at their E3 2018 conference; like which would've happened if they only featuring games which don't appeal to their core customerbase (i.e. online games and mobile games).

    Starfield will probably stick to the BGS formula of an official announcement followed by Q4 release 6 months later. If they aren't making a next gen only game, it'll probably be a cross-gen release.

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    It's crazy how in the space of a year, a dev/publisher like Beth can go from my 'can't go wrong!' list, to my 'meh...we'll see' list.

    Starfield, pls don't be shit.

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    IST wrote:
    It's crazy how in the space of a year, a dev/publisher like Beth can go from my 'can't go wrong!' list, to my 'meh...we'll see' list.
    Only a year? They've been releasing glorified early access games for several years now. You'd rely on the community to fix them. If Fallout 76 had been a offline SP game then the backlash wouldn't have been as huge IMO, the community would've just grumbled loudly and proceeded to patch it themselves. Skyrim on PS3 was broken for like a good year+, Fallout: New Vegas was a supposedly a trainwreck on consoles (it was fine on PC) without loads of patches.

    They'd been mechanically mediocre game makers with poor writing for years, just that their games had excellent world building + environmental design and offer sandbox freedom that few else in AAA space offer. The world that they built for FO76 was fabulous IMO. I would love to see the content as a Fallout 4 mod, minus all of the online rubbish.

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    Fallout New Vegas was the only good 'new' Fallout game. /end

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    They need to move their games onto a new engine which would help a lot of issues these games have at least on the technical side but I don't see it happening anytime soon as they already confirmed starfield and TES VI would still be on the same engine.

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    valeo wrote:
    fallout new vegas was the only good 'new' fallout game. /end