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    Happy birthday huntakillaz!!

    Oh, and some dude called Egor too

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    Happy birthday.

    I'll try to be a better member.

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    happy birthday egor. how long have you been watching the ants scurry around your GP antfarm now?

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    Happy birthday dudes!

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    Igor's dead man, everyone knows that.

    There's a chimp living alone in a deserted basement running this place now.

    And he's only just managing, surviving on stale peanuts and Egor's leftover ephedrine supplies.

    Mind you, he's doing a better job than Egor ever did.

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    aarOn-afk wrote:
    Hello Aaron, Welcome back!

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    Magic Robertson wrote:
    I'll try to be a better member.
    Be whoever the **** you are. Nobody gives as much a shit about you, as you do. Embrace your quirks and faults, and don't look back.

    HB noobs.

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    aarOn-afk wrote:
    On first