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    The Elder Scrolls Blades

    Being a Bethesda fan I pre-registered Blades when it was on the Play Store and got notified when it was available for download on day 1 early access.

    So far it's very addicting and enjoyable. Being able to craft items, build your town up and level up skills.

    Yes people will say it's very grindy and very pay to win. Yes to both, but it's probably not as grindy as people think and yes it's very pay to win, but I'm currently level 18 without spending anything.

    Looking forward to future update information

    Anyone else able to test it out?

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    I signed up too when it was announced, but still waiting for an invite. Good to hear it's fun! I'll be keeping an eye out for my invite or the official release.

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    Mobile games are P2W trash, prove me wrong

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    Well, until there's an ability to interact with other players, it can't be p2w, since no one is "winning".

    If they introduce PvP via the arena or some kind of contest, such as "highest town prestige this month," I will happily revisit this comment and agree that it is p2w.

    My first posts says pay to win, but should be pay to progress if you don't have patience lol

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    Just disappointing is all. I'm hoping someone comes through soon with a great mobile game that isn't P2W or riddled with convenience microtransactions because literally every single one I've played is.

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    knights of pen & paper is great