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    New Keyboard and mouse - Recommendations

    His guys,

    Ive had the same keyboard and mouse for 9 years and its about time i look for something new.

    My logitech g110 and MX518 have served me well.

    What would you recommend?

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    G512 linear keyboard
    G703 or G Pro wireless mouse

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    CODE 104 key + a mouse

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    LiQuid.Ace wrote:
    CODE 104 key + a mouse
    I just replaced my Code MX Brown with the G512 linear, bargain for $99. Prefer the typing feel compared to the brown's which are very light. The code build is creaky and plastic and nowhere near as nice as the G512, and it's a bastard to clean... not an issue with the G512 given nothing can fall inside. Lots of customisation options too. Probably be paying twice as much for the code, and you can't buy it in NZ. Easy choice for me.

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    iono i have that limited run of mx clears, A+++ never going back to anything else

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    <N> wrote:
    G512 linear, bargain for $99.

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    focus wrote:
    I would also like to know this.

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    Arkouda wrote:
    I would also like to know this.

    me 3

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    hah, wtf. I know it was on a bit of a sale but not that much...

    Was $109 at Noel Leeming a month ago, and you get an extra $10 off just by singing up to the email

    Guessing it will be on sale again around easter possibly. Steal for $99.