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    I've heard it's barely better than minimum wage, but the perks are set your own hours. That and get a hybrid.

    Drivers I've talked to do it for various reasons. Some because they need the money, some like the flexible hours, and I get the impression some are just lonely or have nothing better to do.

    When you can talk shop with an uber driver about software engineering while a 3L+ engine carries you home, you know they aren't in it to get rich.

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    I see they've introduced a tipping system now which I assume all goes to the driver?

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    I imagine you need an economical car to make it to minimum wage. I think 95% of Ubers I've seen in Auckland have been Priuses.

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    Yeah I've pretty much dismissed the idea of becoming an Uber driver after most of the comments in thread & from other stuff I've watched & read online. Seems like all the expenses will take a large chunk out of your earnings & you barely make minimum wage. Also since I will need to buy a new car it makes even less sense since it will take a long time to recoup that cost. It seems ok for a secondary job but as a primary job it just doesn't seem worth it.

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    That's about the sum of it for most people, unless it just suits their lifestyle / personality perfectly.

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    Go be a personal trainer at the local gym... that seems like a the winning scam to me.

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    bradc wrote:
    You can probably earn double driving a tractor. Load up audiobooks on your phone, winning.
    How the hell do you get a job driving a tractor in the city? Not everyone is a country bumpkin like you.

    You'd probably make a few bucks driving drunk people home in the weekend but it wouldn't be any good as a full time job.