Zarkov wrote:
I don't get the argument that's going on here.

It's like you guys think Muslims belong to some kind of hard done by, but worthy nationality, when it's nothing of the kind.

Islam's no different from Christianity, it's utterly absurd, and the refuge of the poorly educated and the delusional.

It doesn't deserve any more respect than the Church of the Latter Day Saints, the Seventh Day Adventists or Anglicans, and practitioners of voodoo if there are any left.

The human race is staring down the barrel of extinction within a few generations, and rationality is going out the window if you think you can arrange some sort accommodation with something that relies on the credulity of it's followers.
MarksoN wrote:
**** all religions.

No need to single out any 1 particular fairy tale over another.
These guys get it.

Arguing one religion over another is just a ****wit competition. Religion is an evolutionary backfire that doesn't work as well now as it did a few thousand years ago. If you're more worried about what Jesus or Allah think than reality then we're in big trouble.