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    Upgrade size of M.2 SSD AHCI

    Hey All

    Just wanting to double check, I'm planning on upgrading my old Sony Vaio ssd from a 128GB (Samsung MZHPU128HCGM-00000) to something larger.

    It can't be NVMe as the bios doesn't support it and my attempts to inject it have failed

    Thinking something like the 860 EVO SSD range like this?

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    That's a rare setup you've got there: PCI-E + AHCI with no NVMe.

    Assuming your m.2 socket supports SATA then that drive would be fine just be aware you'll get a decrease in performance, although that's to be seen whether you'll notice it or not.

    If you don't want to lose performance you're better off hunting down an older XP941 or an AHCI SM951. XP941 is what you have, and came out in 128, 256 and 512. SM951 will double your potential sustained but lower random.

    I'd probably go XP941 because it's guaranteed to be AHCI (there's also an NVMe 951) and the only time you'll ever see the sustained is if you're transferring to another drive that can handle that performance (which won't exist on your laptop).

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    Can you just fit an ordinary 2.5" SATA drive? Depending on the model there might be room for a spare HDD.

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    It's an ultrabook a Sony vaio pro 13, no room for anything else. its probably thinner than a normal SATA drive.

    There is no mention in the bios of NVMe and 2013 was kinda before NVMe was a thing.. So yeah assume just the sata AHCI style.

    I know the move in size will decrease the read write, but when i went from a normal sata to a NVMe 970 Evo on my main PC, I didn't notice any difference, so assume going backwards will be fine. It's mainly used on holiday to move photos from camera to Hard drives, and internet so should be fine with the slower speeds.

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    The XP941 is one of extremely few PCI-E AHCI drives. It's not a guarantee it will support SATA AHCI if they haven't routed the pins for it.

    That's why it's capable of doing faster than SATA speeds.

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    if its a SVP they support Sata

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    Cheers for the ebay link.
    I've decided to buy a replacement XP941 512GB drive instead of hoping for the best with NVMe in the BIOS or a SATA drive working (which is a 50% reduction in read and write speeds as well)