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    Damaged Drive Way due to construction

    Anyone know what rights we have

    Have a long drive which runs adjacent to neighbours yard. Previous neighbour passed away few year back and house was sold. for past year the owner (or what ever he is) has been building x3 two story houses. previously a few months back he said half the fence would need to be paid (he's only wanting the smallest fence possible) to which I said ok but you will have to get in touch with landlord. Landlord lives in Australia and is hard to get hold of even by our standards. Anyway months go by and nothing has been heard and in mean time previous wire fence (which was pretty old and shit to begin with) has been damage and so has the edge of the driveway. I was then told a week ago he is now just going to build a fence next to the old one due to our landlord saying no. I have no issues with ripping old fence down, but pissed off with state of driveway due to trucks, diggers etc damaging it.

    What are our rights? they are currently in the process of laying cement on their side. Pictures available.

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    Do they have permission to use the driveway or have they just gone ahead and driven heavy trucks on it?

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    Never drove on driveway, just work that has been next to it (on their yard) has damaged the drive on our side.

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    Has it subsided or something due to their works?

    Landlord may be interested to know that their property has been damaged. Which "could" lead to it being fixed by the developer. I really have no idea though. If someone damages someone elses property that tends to be what happens. On the plus side, it is your landlords problem to sort.

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    My mate was in similar situation, property next to - and lower down - built a retaining wall which ended up collapsing part of his drive.

    Other guy had to pay of course, but pretty sure it didnt need to go any further than "yeah that was my bad ill get it fixed"

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