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    I would like an HBO miniseries about the Bhopal disaster next.

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    SL1CKSTA wrote:
    You don't get it its okay.

    Let me put it another way:
    There are alot of documentarys that claim and news sources claiming that Chernobyl almost caused a 5 Megaton explosion, this is laughable for anyone who understands nuclear power you know why because its impossible they don't use weapons grade uranium in a reactor you know how hard it is to make nuclear material react that fast?
    HBO attempted to be accurate by basing there documentory on fake news and its funny.
    Megaton doesn't mean the explosion is a nuclear fission explosion, it just means it releases energy equivalent to 5 million tons of TNT. For example, the Halifax Explosion, when a ship carrying munitions caught fire, was equivalent to about 2.9 kilotons.

    Fun fact - Megadeth took their name from a unit used in Cold War scenario planning - where the amount of people dying in a nuclear war was so large it was easier to express as megadeaths - millions of deaths.

    And people making that claim about Chernobyl weren't saying it would be a nuclear explosion, they were saying that there'd be a very large explosion when a bunch of very hot metal rapidly vapourised a large amount of water. Hence why they had to drain the water under the reactor.

    The destroying Europe part is a reference to how far radioactive material could be spread by such an explosion.

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    kierbear wrote:
    I would like an HBO miniseries about the Bhopal disaster next.
    I think I'd get too angry at all the corporate malfeasance.