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    People still play this?

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    People still play this?
    I certainly don't know anyone actively playing it, and wouldn't be crazy enough to do so myself...

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    They are not in the latest patch (due tomorrow our time), they are slated for the next patch due around the 16th of April or later

    Absolute massive chodes if they put this in, couple this with them nerfing the perks that helped lessen repair costs a while back and its a huge dick move.

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    Disappointed? Sure. Surprised? Absolutely not.

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    this only really impacts the one guy still playing clusterfu... I mean fallout 76

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    they are done - trying to outrace Bioware to the bottom and winning

    Ha har, what's next - the next elderscrolls will be a mobile game - oh wait, blades is already out

    All hope lies with CD Redkit these days

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    praise geraldo

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    Sounds like Bethestink and Cadbury could team up to write a book called "How to Get Rid of Customers Quickly as [email protected] Possible".
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