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    cs 1.6 comeback train?

    Hey noobs, just thought i'd let you know
    been doing this every night for about 2 weeks now, so much fun
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    new map captains knife for first pick and then take turns picking players
    fills up everynight around 8pm~
    5 specs alot of the time can be hard to get in
    auto-retrying tryna join for half an hour typeshit
    just died out for the night and its 2:30am mid week.. notbad

    thinking of maybe putting up a second server for everyone so there can be 2 pugs going,
    if i can get a handful more players to join in regularly to get the numbers up a bit more.
    itd be real good to add some oldschool skill to the pool and some more NZ'rs,
    these aussies are traaaaaaaaash
    only about 3 of them ever give me any trouble tbh..
    theres about 25ish players keeping it alive, most of them half decent
    and yea im basically a god to them.
    -get off fortnite/apex/dota/LoL etc
    -uninstall csgo
    -install 1.6
    -jump in the discord
    and anyone that thinks they're good still, eg simcore
    plz come play

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    fine that wasnt enough to pull your heart strings???
    maybe if you see what a first round is like in one of these pugs?

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    Scrub Lords!

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    Nostalgia is all good for a few rounds then its just ugh...IMO

    CSGO with the right settings is way more fun...IMO

    GL with your jam though! Glad you are having fun

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    UE lads still living in the past.

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    Is this cause all of UE got banned for cheating in CSGO?


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    lol i never touched csgo so wouldnt know

    sorry roots been away allday we finishing writing up the pug script making sure its all working b4 i open it up.
    welcome to go try it out in the meantime the server is up pw 123

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    alch, you're still mud g

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    does that 32 player dust2 server still exist, used to **** around there when all the other servers died out for the night

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    come play guys servers going off every night
    come jam dean starts up at like 8pm ur time !!

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    I sucked back then so I probably suck more now. Might find out, glad it's been revived, such a good game.

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    gg observe

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    skytech wrote:
    Is this cause all of UE got banned for cheating in CSGO?

    This. Alch known lan dodger at it again

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    interp whores