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    Must buy games/accessories for nintendo noob...

    Hi all,

    New baby is keeping me and the wife up, so considering buying a switch as I feel it would appeal more to the wife than a PS4 or Xbox.

    What are your must have games? Like the ones you thoroughly recommend...

    Im def getting mario kart and Mario...but after 2 or 3 more options.

    Also, are there must have accessories? Ive looked at a few articles, but am pretty time poor so thought id ask on here

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    Pro controller

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    Screen protector is a must. Pro controller is a go also.

    Games.Botw is decent
    That's all I have to offer

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    Sweet! 2x pros and Zelda...on the list.


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    Smash Ultimate for sure.

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    I just started playing yoshi's crafted world could be good to play.It has a full co-op mode as well so could play that with your wife if you want a game you both can play together

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    The Wii U ports, Wind Waker (best Zelda IMO), Captain Toad, Tropical Freeze etc

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    mario kart, botw, mario odyssey...

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    Mario Kart definitely. Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are great, but singleplayer. Splatoon 2 if you're after something online. Smash is good.

    As for non exclusives, Rocket League is good quick fun and I bet the wife will love Stardew Valley.

    There's also a bunch of Wii U ports, many of which are fantastic games. Captain Toad is great fun, and if you're a Zelda fan the ports of the older games are well done.

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    Binding of Isaac is my #1 new dad gaming recommendation

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    Sweet! Thanks for the suggestions. Will go have a look tomorrow. Think ive def spent my budget going off recommendations

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    are there particular genres that you like?