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    Help! Case Screws

    Hi all,

    Relatively new to the forum as I've just started building my PC. Been a few months in the making as I've been saving and buying second hand parts. Finally have all I need and am so excited to get it done but I overlooked screws!!
    I've ordered a kit from ebay but it's two weeks away and I just so badly want to build tonight / tomorrow.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy screws? Need motherboard, fans and a few others (so a range would be great). I've tried PB and Playtech and neither have (shock horror!!).

    If anyone has any I could pickup today I'd be so appreciative!!! More than happy to pay for them obviously!
    Ideally, four motherboard screws (have stand-offs), 4 PS screws, 4 2.5" HDD screws, 4 3.5" HDD screws and a few fan screws.

    (I'm in Auckland)


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    If you were in Wellington!

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    Blitz^ wrote:
    If you were in Wellington!
    Appreciate the thought though!

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    When I needed some I just went into PB Tech and said hey I bought this thing the other day could I grab a couple screws? And they just gave them to me.

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    Got a bunch here. Where are you based?