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    What are you on about QE? Did I miss some Gp drama?

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    son toucher

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    Quasi ELVIS wrote:
    Would you prefer I accused someone else of being a son toucher?
    I don't really care whom you attack, it's just a weird thing to run with. First time around it's just a standard OD shitpost but now it's like it's you've made it the thing that defines you in this thread.

    There are plenty of more comical options in that list so \_(ツ)_/. Maybe you just really like the idea of molesting children? And it's a subtle play that allows you to talk about it?

    A sort of, 'he who smelt it, dealt it'.

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    Ooh I just had a tinfoil hat moment.

    Maybe Quasi Elvis is secretly also InternetFan and he was personally affronted by my comments about that hooker.

    Has anyone ever seen them both in the same room at the same time?

    Hang on, I've never seen anyone of you in the same room as another at the same time. Maybe you're all InternetFan...and Quasi Elvis.

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    well i am Asian so definitely Road Safety Target?

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    I qualify for 126 of those alerts.

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    Pxndx wrote:
    What are you on about QE? Did I miss some Gp drama?
    No, I'm just busting his chops for the hell of it. It's working pretty well.

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    #Just GP mod things.

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    Quasi gets a point for mental health.

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    I scored 1 point out of all that - Vetting Monitor - for my application to be a CAB Interviewer

    How many did you score?
    Are you sure it wasn't for "Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease"?

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    I will be on there for Photo Driver Licence Card Cancelled since my wallet was stolen in the past. Not sure if any other flags, I sent in a request for them to advise me just for a laugh since I had the forms of identity handy on my PC from back when I was participating in lots of crypto ICO's.

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