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    SirGrim wrote:
    few ideas

    * Add radiator width as a filter
    * Page or section showing top 10 purchased items
    * +1 in stock filter
    ++++ 1 (Remember Thomas complaining about it as well)
    * Infinite scroll instead of the "load more" button
    * Support section

    Looks much cleaner now and I do visit the site these days!! Good Job guys

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    I've got to point out that the list items are a bit big: which prevents seeing more than 6~9 components per page. Things like the component part number don't need to be in there, the brand is usually in the list item name. More category specific or component specific parts might be more useful to display

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    the forum is gone?

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    Seems that way, along with the support section

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    that was the one thing that set CL apart aye

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    Was hardly used though

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    The forum was hardly used, the up keep on it was just not worth keeping it going.

    Support section is being worked on.