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    slipstream wrote:
    Yeah played a couple levels now liking it more and more.Keen to play with some GPers maybe tonight or sometime
    Yeah I'm keen for a jam too. Probably jump on at 9:30 after the Warriors game

    @Frederick James - do you have a new PSN name bro? it says you haven't been online for 16 days lol

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    Does this have any split screen local play?

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    GeneralZod wrote:
    Does this have any split screen local play?
    Nah probably not

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    Good games last night Ins0mn1ac . @Frederick James where you @ bro?

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    slipstream wrote:
    Good games last night Ins0mn1ac . @Frederick James where you @ bro?
    Yeah bro was good apart from the blue screens & disconnects lol. Hopefully those issues get patched out soon.

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    Where's all the WWZ players at? lol. Would be cool having another couple of players to join me & slipstream

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    Sorry, I will join you guys soon, wife has been enjoying watching me play Skyrim, so been playing that while on holiday this week.

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    Are you playing tonight Fred?

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    damn servers down for maintenance. Guess I will watch the Warriors game properly then lol

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    Just saw slipstream's post and was about to jump on! I'm on leave tomorrow, so during the day/evening and the weekend?

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    Sounds good

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    Yeah keen to jam this,today/tonight or tomorrow etc

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    Hey. I think Mountain Slayer said he got this, so we can get a team of 4 together now. ..... .....

    And this is good news;

    First up in May is a new mission set in Tokyo. At launch, World War Z's Tokyo chapter featured two missions, while chapters set in New York, Jersualem, and Moscow all had three. May also brings a new zombie type which "spits a deadly virus and can resurrect if not properly dispatched".

    Come June, World War Z will receive a new "six-skull" difficulty level with its own unique reward, plus more bonus cosmetics - which, according to the accompanying infographic, will include new weapons variants, character skins, and accessories. Then, moving on to July, you can expect a new Weekly Challenge mode, more cosmetics, and "other goodies".
    Oh and apparently the game is a success, selling over a million copies in it's launch window

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    Cool are you guys going to be on today?

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    I'm keen for this evening. Hopefully FJ is online this time lol.

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    Was bored so just made a video of one of me & defkeen's matches. Just ignore the first 30 seconds where I was a dumbass lol.

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    That was a good game Ins0man1c, those mines are hard to see at the start haha. Where are you Frederick James?

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    I'm here, i've just been so busy lately ..... *sigh*

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    Frederick James wrote:
    I'm here, i've just been so busy lately ..... *sigh*
    Is your PSN still Face-ache bro? It says you haven't been online in over a month lol. And don't worry we can play on easy difficulty for you lol. Just kidding you'd be sweet on Normal that's pretty easy too. Hard isn't extremely difficult but does have some challenging moments.

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    Big update out for this if anyone cares lol. It includes a new Tokyo mission, zombie type, private lobbies etc.

    I tried to flick this off on TM but it hasn't sold yet which is actually a good thing since now I can play the new mission

    You keen slipstream?

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    Yeah bro saw that new update k2p looks good new infected and updates!!