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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    That scene was a bit lol
    Apparently the show is massively scaled back from the comics which is pretty crazy when you consider all the messed up shit that happens

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this they definitely stayed trued to the main theme they've used several key concepts from the comics but changed some of the plot around including one main thing although some of that may just end up playing out in Season 2.

    Antony Starr is amazing as Homelander and despite all the horrible shit he did I do kinda feel a little bit sorry for him.

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    Finished it now. Loved it. If they don't do another season Imma be real pissed.

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    Already working on the 2nd season right now, eta 1 year!

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    Mancubus wrote:
    Man, Urban's accent is all over the place.
    It's SO distracting

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    Glad I'm not so sensitive to it.

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    It didn't bother me that much.

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    Enjoying this. Up to ep 6.

    Lol at Urban's accent

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    His accent didn't bother me when he had a beard but it didn't match at all when he didn't have one.

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    is this good

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    Kog wrote:
    is this good
    Yes but if you expect a lot of action you might be a bit disappointed like I was. Luckily the story & characters are really good so it's definitely worth a watch.

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    It's more akin to the watchmen than it is to avengers. And that's not a bad thing.

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    Jeebus this is a potential hit!

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    Finished this last night. Was pretty decent.

    Bring on season two.

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    CODChimera wrote:
    e: this is a minor thing from e4 or 5 but

    The accent bugged me in one episode. It kept going NZ-British-Scottish. But after that it was OK.

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    The first episode, the accent was realllllll bad - he sorted it out in the rest and it was barely noticeable, though.

    Antony Starr was MvP - **** he's a good actor. Hopefully this show will get a bit more budget next season. Was an extremely basic story and I feel like it lacked a bit of depth.

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    Bigger budget than 300 million?

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    CODChimera wrote:
    Antony Starr is so good.

    Anyone read the comics?

    e: this is a minor thing from e4 or 5 but
    ya I saw that too hehe

    the worst scene for me was really


    saw the finale last night...was a bit slow and not a great climax

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    That trailer looks great.

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    boo already taken down by Amazon

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    Can't wait.