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    New car insurance quote had something interesting

    I got an online quote for my new car insurance and at the end of it said this. This is interesting to me as I have always assumed that people over 25 would be covered. This is on State by the way who I have used many times and i've never seen this before.

    Have you guys seen anything like this before? It's basically saying that only the named drivers are covered? For example not your parents wife husband partner etc? This is for a Comprehensive policy with me as 29 year old full licence.

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    It's cheaper to have a named driver policy.

    Maybe they assumed that's what you wanted.

    Ask them not us.

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    Seems pretty clear. I'm pretty sure policies like this have been around for ages. There should've been an option to include unnamed drivers over 25, unless State don't do that any more.

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    One of my policies with club auto is exactly the same due to the vehicle being considered high risk.
    I assume judging by the fact that state are insuring yours, it is not in the same boat though.

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    We've been with State for years and have always had that clause. Does make it cheaper, and easier to tell people to get bent when they ask if they can drive your car.

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    All my policies, for a long time, over multiple companies, have been named driver only. Not a new thing.

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    That isn't a standard State clause and isn't on my policy (called them today to confirm). It must have been triggered by some risk factor associated with you policy.