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    HDR - Win10

    Hey guys,

    Every now and then I visit the option of enabling HDR with my Sony X900E on Windows 10 and every time it infuriates me.

    Toggling the option in Display Settings on Windows 10 under 'HDR in Apps and Games' just sees the toggle reject the on setting and set itself to off.

    I have my X900E set to game mode and HDR set to Auto. I'm on an RTX2060 using HDMi. HDMi ports on TV support 2.0a and my card supports up to 2.0b. I'm pretty sure I have a 2.0 HDMi cable as I purchased is specifically for this purpose.

    Forgetting this option and just enabling HDR in games sees the display become very washed out.

    I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? Or is HDR on Windows still a pile of garbase despite recent updates like the Creators Update supposedly increasing HDR support.

    P.S HDR works fine on my PS4 and the TV's native apps (Netflix).

    EDIT: Something odd I've noticed. Whenever I refresh the display settings, the TV will give me a bar that tells me what the resolution is etc. It'll always say it's set to 4096 x 2160 / 60Hz despite what resolution I have it set at in Windows.
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    lol@win10 HDR (aka FU*% Yoooooooooooooooooooooou Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Mine doesn't work in any acceptable form either.

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    Is there some sort of bandwidth limitation going on?

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    MrCake wrote:
    Is there some sort of bandwidth limitation going on?
    Well, that's what I thought but I'm not sure what would be causing it. I could try another cable but I'd have to buy one.

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    There must be some software that can read the link speed and colour profile in use

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    HDR is a lost cause on the current builds of Windows. Maybe in a couple of years.

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    Works fine for me, it seems to test if its capable first, with a 15M length cable I had to drop the resolution and refresh rate, then HDR worked fine, got a shorter cable and it was all good at 4K @ 30Hz.